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Having survived a deathtrap Jigsaw giving himself an emergency tracheotomy as a sealed box and Surrounding his head with water, an FBI Agent Strahm further investigates the mystery Jigsaw. It shows the basement bargain-quality production, irretrievably bad acting and a dull narrative thats spun totally out of control. Therefore, he follows him around, hoping to catch him out. Once you have figured out everything that has happened over the last four films. He believes that the evidence points to subtly Detective Mark Hoffman to be gone in cahoots with the end of sadistic maniac Jigsaw in torture and murder offenders that have shaken the right. Because Saw V requires a knowledge of all four previous films, should be strictly for hardcore fans of the series. The fifth installment of the grisly oriented deathtrap franchise picks up immediately when the events of Saw IV left out, and keeps filling with Dungeons unfortunate, though hardly innocent victims and dismembered body parts.
18.12.08 16:50

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